The Thug life: yay/nay

Hello for a final time my dear readers. It has been a fun and sometimes tiring ride, but it has come to an end. This will be the final blog post for this blog. There are two weeks remaining of the semester and we have to finish up our blogs. This post is meant to be a retrospective overview, but I thought that that alone would be kind of dull, so I interviewed two good friends of mine to make things a little more interesting.

If you have been reading this blog since the beginning you may have noticed how my choices tend to be people who are musicians and listen to rock and metal music. The musician part was intentional, because I assumed they would have more to say in regards to music. The rock/metal part was not. It has come to my attention that I have been inadvertently bashing rap and hip-hop music. This was never my intent. I actually like rap and hip-hop. I might not have the most refined taste in that genre though. But to prove my point I will list out my favorite rap songs and my two blog choices are people who tend to listen to rap/hip-hop.

So to start my list of favorite rap/hip-hop music:
1. Raekwon-Guillotine (swordz)

2.D12-fight music

3.Eminem-sing for the moment

4.Akala-fire in the booth

And now on to the first victim, Stoyan Velev. He is a student from the Southwest University in Blagoevgrad and is studying English phonetics and languages. I have known him since grade school.


His first memory is from when he was 6 years old. He heard Tom Jones-sex bomb after that it was random bits of music here and there. Stoyan claims the reason he like sex bomb was just because it was a catchy song. His first favorite artist was Eminem. He enjoyed Eminem’s music, his rap style and his lyrics. From then on, he continued to listen to rap until he got bored of it. Then he switched to rock, then metal and now everything except Bulgarian Chalga. His favorite song when he was a kid was Eminem-lose yourself.

It took him a while to understand what they were singing about in rap music. “The rhythm was really nice, and I really enjoyed the beat.” From there he started listening to more artists and bands.

Stoyan eventually got bored of it. “Music back then, it was original, everyone was rapping about their life and how hard it was, now it’s all about money and women. It represented their way of life. How they grew up on the streets in a poor neighborhood and eventually grew up to be a famous artist.”

As to how music has affected Stoyan as he grew up, he claims that when he was a kid and he listened to rap music he wanted to be a thug. He wanted to rap too. Eventually he wanted to listen to it for the entertainment.

Now he focuses more on soundtracks from videogames or movies or orchestral music. “It pumps you up.”

Now his favorite group is Two Steps from Hell. His favorite composer is one of the members Thomas Bergerson.

Now to the second victim Martin Todorov. Martin is a sophomore in AUBG. He is majoring in Mathematics and Economics. He is from Ruse (north part of Bulgaria).


His first memory of music is from when he was 6 years old. He had two CD’s his father gave him. One was hip hop and the other was Greek music. The first song that Martin remembers playing over and over was DMX-party up and that was the first hip-hop song he vividly remembers as being his favorite song.

Around 5th grade Martin got into soft rock stuff like Linking Park and Thousand Foot Krutch. He really got into that kind of music and from there he got into normal rock until 7th grade.  Then a friend of Martins introduced him to hip hop. “It was like rediscovering the style, because the last time I listened to that I was like 5 years old. I believe that’s what I kind of liked in the linking park, thousand foot krutch period is what I liked in hip hop itself, which is the lyricism which I believe is the most important part of music as a whole and that is the message which a person is trying to send to another person.”

Since 8th grade hip hop has become Martin’s main genre of music. He also listens to a little bit of metal like Iron Maiden and sometimes some Serbian music when he is in the mood. But generally when he wants to listen to music he puts on hip-hop.

Martin never really felt that hip hop was angry. He got into it mainly because he thought it was calming. The hip hop he listens to usually has a hidden message inside. Something that the musician tries to share with the audience, which is why Martin considers it to be not very popular and more underground hip-hop. Martin thinks of it as the artists sharing their trouble and their problems and protecting the others from making the same mistakes.

Martin’s favorite all time lyricist is Big pun(isher). He has a lot of word play and puns. Martin considers it to be pretty much like poetry. “He died young and doesn’t have many songs. He is considered one of the best ever and he has like only one album, which is saying a lot.”

Martin likes the songs and artists that deal with an issue and not just bragging about something that they don’t really have, or who repeat popular opinions. He likes the songs that deal with real stories and real situations. That is why Martin likes hip hop.

“I believe hip-hop is one of the most popular genres right now. The problem is that the songs that are popular are not all that good. There are two parts of every song one is the beat the other are the lyrics. The ones that are really popular are really well produced because they use the most modern technology and they have a lot of money. But the lyrics are very simple that is because it is easier for people to remember them and relate probably. The hip hop that is popular is not really the hip hop I would listen to. “

Martin’s favorite current hip-hop song is La Coka Nostra- The Stain

I was curious whether Martin ever felt a connection between the rap/hip-hop music and the sort of thug life (like Stoyan did). Martin replied that to him not at all. He grew up in a not so rich neighborhood. It was not a ghetto, but it was similar in many ways. It was Bulgarian middle class. Martin never really made the connection that if he listens to hip hop the street life is meant for him.

So to sum all of the blog posts up as is the requirement of this post I would say that I realized that music is different for everybody, but at the same time very similar. Some people listened to music because they liked the meaning, some for the entertainment. It seems that almost everybody went through different music stages in their life. That is all the wisdom I really have on the subject. I am supposed to link to and I think talk about all my blog posts, but to be honest that seems kind of boring. Especially if you have been reading up until now, there really isn’t any point. I will post the links for each blog post at the bottom. One cool thing about all of this is the new things you find out about your friends while interviewing them, because on any given day you aren’t really questioning them about their past. I might get a lesser grade for this comment, but I don’t believe in lying just to get by. I don’t like Twiiter and Storify. They are an utter waste of time. Thinglink was ok, because I can see some use for it. Another note is whether or not I have answered my question, which is “What is your first memory of music?”The answer to that is a resounding no. I have found out for most of my friends, but not everybody. So let me pose the question to you reader. What is your first memory of music? So it was fun while it lasted, but alas it has come to an end. So as the song Look on the bright side of life says, it’s your last chance of the hour, might as well go out with a grin. (Or something like that)

My final video

p.s. I will post some links to cool songs on the bottom here for whoever wishes to listen to music more.


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Secrets-you look good in plastic (give it a chance)
Guilty Crown OST (skip to 10:10)
Miles Kane- come closer
Louis Prima- closer to the bone
Peter, Bjorn & John-Young folk
Exitmusic-The cold


The end of one age and the beginning of another

Hello dear readers, my next victim is another one of the original AUBG members that I met. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get an interview from him since he has been on a leave of absence to work for the “man” in USA, but to my great joy he showed up for two days. Just enough time to get an interview from him. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera on me and wasn’t able to get a video from him. But do not fret readers the content is very interesting and in the final blog posts that are coming up I have awesome content planned.

From Nikita's personal archive

From Nikita’s personal archive

My friends name is Mykyta (Nikita) Shcherback from Ukraine. He is a senior majoring in POS.

His first memory of music is when his mother got a tape recorder as a present for his birthday. A tape recorder was a big deal in 1992. According to Nikita, it’s like getting an Iphone today. Nikita was around 3 years old and he had figured out how to put stuff on, so it was very entertaining for him as a kid. They had a few cassettes of Russian and Ukrainian pop, but Nikita disregarded them immediately, because they were all over TV and he didn’t like it that much. There was one cassette, which Nikita thinks was left by his father (his parents divorced when Nikita was very little). The tape had recordings by the band Scorpions. That was his first very distinctive memory of music. The first track on the tape was: “still loving you”. “I enjoyed the shit out of it.”

Nikita went through quite a few stages of music as he was growing up. He used to listen to a lot of stuff when he was a little kid. “Then I went through a stage where I was the hugest fan of Rammstein, ever, on earth. I’m talking about buying all the albums, posters and t-shirts. I was like 11 years old.” When he reached the age of 14 he became a big hip-hop fan.  Nikita dressed up like all the gangsters from the movies.  “I even have some recordings with my friends, which I keep my fingers crossed that they disappeared when he bought a new computer and had to format his hard drive.” Then he went to the states and that played a key role in diversifying his music tastes. While there Nikita met some really cool guys, some of whom were aspiring musicians. “Some of them have bands now, on an amateur level, but still pursuing what they like.” Nikita claims that was those guys that introduced him to most of the stuff he still listens to today. Starting from there he went in all kinds of directions. Generally towards heavy music, but he also learned to appreciate everything. Starting with old stuff like Beatles up to stuff like System of a down, Slipknot, Lamb of god. Now he tries to be as open minded as possible and not limit himself.

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Nikita started playing guitar in the United States when he was 16.Nikita claims that he wasn’t playing very seriously then. The best thing he claims to have learned then was the main riff from Sweet Home Alabama. Which he admits is not really complicated to learn. Then he got back to Ukraine and luckily he kept his level of interest. Nikita found a guitar and recalled how much he misses his first guitar. He explained that in the Soviet Union there were guitar building factories and his guitar was built in one. It was made in the city of Chernihiv, northern Ukraine. The guitar was built in 1985 and he believes the strings are also from 1985. “They were super thick, so I ended up fucking up my fingers greatly when learning bar chords.” When Nikita got a new guitar, it was a revelation to him on how much stuff he could do when the strings were nicer.

As far as what music is, he considers it to be an idea to a certain extent that reflects personality. “Hip-hop by nature is more rebellious, outside the system and provocative kind of music. It has a lot of curses and gangster lifestyle. I guess at a certain point each and every one of us has been attracted to it.” He has not dropped hip-hop completely, but claims to be more careful in choosing the artists he listens to now. “You hear the music that touches your soul. That’s the best description I can give as to how people choose what to listen to.”

To see a picture with a thinglink of Nikita click on this.

For Nikita the coolest thing about music is that it helps spread the idea. He doesn’t deny that most of the time the idea really gets lost in crowds of fan boys, what the musician meant by putting those words to those notes. What he really likes about music is that it can influence people and that you can express yourself in the same way you could with poetry and literature. “You have generations growing up listening to some certain music style that symbolizes the end of one age and the beginning of another.”

Since Nikita is a senior I was interested in whether he plans to continue playing music after he graduated or will give it up to focus on other things. He was adamant that he will never say that that is as far as it goes and that he is giving up music. He doesn’t have big plans for now and he’s trying to be a realist as much as possible. In so far Nikita considers that neither his music skills nor his vocal talent is good enough to make something really big. But he will try to keep developing himself and keep playing his acoustic guitar. And in terms of getting in bands again, he will keep himself open and look out for the opportunity. Nikita doesn’t believe that once you graduate and get in the so called ‘real life’ that your job is all that is important for you and it is what defines you. Even on the level as hobby, he believes that music will help him greatly in terms of evaluating himself, defining himself and expressing himself even further.

As to whether he wants to pursue it professionally he said:

“Pursuing it professionally is like a dream come true. I don’t see it happening yet, yet a lot of things happen to me which I would never think of happening so I will keep try to developing myself and looking for opportunities.”

Aggressive music

Hello readers, once again I bring you an AUBG-er, but don’t worry my next target won’t be from AUBG. Anyways that is for next week. For this week I was able to get an interview from my elusive friend Chanko Valev. He is a sophomore, like me and is majoring in Computer Science and Journalism and Mass Communication.  Chanko hails from the mysterious land known to many as Karnobat, Bulgaria.
His first memory of music is finding an old cassette and playing it through his sister’s cassette player. He thinks that the cassette was AC-DC. Chanko says that he still likes AC-DC, so according to him: “It was a good first impression.”


Since then Chanko admits that his music tastes didn’t change, but rather expanded. According to Chanko, he didn’t start listening to different kinds of music. He started listening to more kinds of music. He started with old school rock, rock n roll, heavy rock, and then started listening to more heavy metal stuff like heavy, black, trash, doom and so on.

Chanko’s favorite bands and songs are Megadethpeace sells, SlayerRaining blood, Ensiferumlai lai hei.

Chanko doesn’t really know why he likes this kind of music. “I really like aggressive music for some reason, while I am not particularly an aggressive person. Maybe that is why I am not an aggressive person, because I vent all of my aggression through my music.” He confessed that that kind of music relaxes him. Chanko enjoys listening to heavy complex music, which has some meaning behind it.

Naturally listening to this kind of music made Chanko want to start playing it on some instrument. He chose the guitar, because it seemed to be the most basic and has not stopped playing since.

The biggest concert he has ever been to was in 2010. It was a combination of four of the greatest trash metal bands. Namely Slayer, Metallica, Anthrax and Megadeth. The concerts name is Sonishphere 2010 and Chanko regards it as the best concert he has ever been to.

He has been in two and a half bands. His friends had a band and he would jam and record with them, but never really played live. “Since joining AUBG I have had one band with some of the greatest people I know…and a bassist (that would be me, Chanko is known to have a sense of humor).” In highschool he would play mostly heavy metal and hard rock. In AUBG he played mostly indie rock, because that was what people listened to.

The experience of being on stage for Chanko was “Both really good, and really awkward and scary.”  There is always an uncertain feeling, but you can tone it down. Although it will never go away.”

Chanko believes that music defines many people, but not everybody. Some people may listen to music, but not have it be a defining part of their life.

When I asked if he had anything he wanted to add, he said: “Enjoy music, have fun, and if you enjoy music be sure to come to Rock Jamming Clubs concerts this coming spring.”

My first Storify and Thinglink

For an in class assignment today we had to make a Storify. Storify is a service which allows you to collect different tweets and make it into a story. So here I made one about Rage against the machine, since it was 22 years since their debut album cam out a couple of days ago.


Another thing we learned today is Thinglink. You can put spots on the picture which link you to websites. Here is a picture of the bands room in AUBG.


Unique feelings

Hello readers. This time I bring you a good friend of mine, Salih “Liu” Menkulasi. He is a senior from Albania, and is majoring in Business Administration and Economics. Liu is one of the people who I first met at AUBG. This was before I was even a student. If you dear reader are an AUBG student then you might know him from the Skapto 2 RA team.

Liu’s first memory of music is from his father. He remembers when he was five years old his father would play some Italian records, or alternative stuff from Elton Deda.  His father’s favorite musicians were Adriano Celentano, Little Tony and that kind of genre.

From Liu's personal archive

From Liu’s personal archive

From then Liu’s tastes went in a completely different direction from his fathers. He liked the music his father listened to, but for some reason which is ambiguous to Liu, it developed into some alternative stuff his father would never listen to. Liu has no idea why he started listening to that kind of alternative music.

The alternative music that Liu was interested included such bands as The Verve, Oasis and other early 90’s and 80’s music. Liu said that he still listens to them and likes them, but he has broadened his taste in music since then. “When you say alternative, it’s broad, it’s huge, there is a lot within it. I like alternative in general” Liu doesn’t have a favorite song, but his favorite bands are Pearl Jam, Nirvana and The Verve Pipe.

As to whether or not the music he listens to has had an impact on his life. Liu believes that it hasn’t had a big visible impact on his life. Although he admits, it made him get closer to a certain community of people, who enjoyed the same music and listened to that kind of music. It also got him into playing and singing alternative music. It gave him a hobby, something to do when he was feeling down, or to do in his free time.

Liu started singing when he was fifteen and considers himself to be good at it. He plays the guitar mostly for rhythm. Before coming to AUBG, he played with some people he knew that were all older than him and real musicians. Sometimes they would take him with them to the gigs and he would play alongside them. When he got to AUBG he joined a band, but it didn’t work out. After that he got into another band, and it did work out and they played together for approximately two years. He was did vocals, but sometimes played rhythm guitar.

Liu describes being on stage as something that is always different.  His first experience on stage was at a talent show in his hometown. He described it as being something completely different than any gig at AUBG. He was feeling anxious and not even willing to be there. After that though, he started to get a taste for the stage. The more often he got on stage the more willing he was to be there. “From the anxious kind of person who didn’t enjoy being in front of so many people, I actually started enjoyed being on stage and wanting to show off what I got. Giving something to people and getting something back. It’s the feeling I’ve always expected the last couple of times I’ve been on stage”

Liu considers music to be a form of art. As a place to resort to when you feel like shaping your feelings or thoughts into something different. That is why he thinks that music is unique for different people. “I believe though we tend to feel in similar ways, our feelings are unique and our thoughts are unique, which is why music is huge.”

Before graduation he plans to form a band again. Liu remarked that he might play with his former band members in March or April at a secret event he was unwilling to disclose at the moment.

Liu considers music activities as something you can’t get away from, so he is not worried about how much he will play after graduating. Because whether it is in one year, or two years, or more, he will eventually continue playing.

Midterm post

Hello readers. This time I will not be bringing you a profile of someone, rather this post will be a summary of everything up till now. But if you are curious who my next victims will be, stay tuned, because I will hint about it near the end.

To start off I guess I am supposed to share something about myself in regards to music…not much to share. I guess one interesting thing I noticed recently is that music which has lots of bass drops and no vocals works perfectly for study music (at least in my case). Another interesting thing is that this week there will be an acoustic gig organized by Salih Menkulasi and myself. Unfortunately it will be Tuesday so I won’t be able to use the video footage for this post, but maybe the next post…you never know. I will be playing a Russian song with a girl from Kazakhstan. We’ll see if I mess up or not.

Now on to the more general stuff of, what I have learned from the posts up till now. I guess if I had to name one thing it would be how weird some people’s tastes are and how different they are. From Nikolay Golov’s favorite song Lifelover-Konvulsion, to Aita Romanova’s favorite song Mr. Boogie tambourine, there is so much weirdness everywhere. Another thing I noticed is that in a lot of cases music was not very accessible until a certain point in everyone’s life. Maybe the only exception would be Peter Nedyalkov, whose father kept pushing him to listen to more music. And actually a side note here, there is one moment where Peter says: “Rap music is too limited. What if one day I stop being angry? Rap music is not going to be attractive to me anymore”. Does that quote sound familiar from anywhere? If you’ve been reading my blog then it should.  [If you want to see the post with Peter click here] My favorite part from Peters post is how he describes his music playing, or maybe I should say practice. He says “There are people that play computer games and if you leave them without any obligations they will play all day. It’s the same for me with the guitar”. I can actually understand that notion, but unfortunately I have never been able to focus on just one activity, I usually switch between watching movies, playing games, listening to music, practicing music….and so on.

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My first post about Yana Rizova though is probably the most revealing in the sense of what you are exposed to as compared to what you feel connects with you. [If you want to see the post with Yana click here] She was exposed to Bulgarian chalga as a child (I might not have mentioned it previously, but I like all forms of music, EXCEPT Bulgarian chalga), but when given options started to listen to metal and eventually settled on Avenged Sevenfold. There was one quote from her that I really loved. I was asking her about how music defines us and she said: “you can’t really define yourself with the music you listen to, I used to believe this, but there are also not that good people that listen to Avenged Sevenfold.” Yeah there are not so good people who listen to Korn, System of a down, Five finger death punch…. And so on (that was a very short list of bands I like).

My second post was about a girl who used to (and kind of does again now) live across from my room. Boyana Yordanova arguments about music strongly support what Yana tried to get across [If you want to see the post with Boyana click here]. The point is that you don’t get to choose what you are exposed to as a little child. From her lips: “Here’s the thing, when we are little, we are usually subjected to whatever we hear on the radio or on TV or whatever our parents are listening to, it’s not exactly a conscious process that we go through, but later on in life we tend to choose the music that we listen to and music as a medium is very influential, so I  would say it’s the music that influences the person and their morals, rather than the morals influencing the music.

I could go on through each post, but I believe that if I haven’t got you at least a little interested, then there is no point. Rather I will just say that the first three posts had very (in my mind) standard music tastes, while the other two (namely Aita Romanova and Nikolay Golov) have very weird music tastes. [If you want to see Nikolay Golov’s post click here] [If you want to see Aita Romanova’s post click here]. So there it is. I am admittedly writing this post at the last moment, because the week has been a very busy one (considering my professor will be reading this, maybe it’s best if I didn’t say that, but ah well). I am supposed to include photos and video, but to be honest at this point I have no idea what they will be, so I can’t really give an introduction or explanation for them. You will just have to see what I post tomorrow. And so once again farewell my dear readers and look forward to the next posts.

p.s. You thought I’d forget about the hints for the next posts didn’t you? The next post will be about a very lazy RA who plays the guitar and sings. I have two other ideas, but they need to get here first (they are on a leave of absence). That is all I will reveal at the moment.

Midterm assignment

My professor gave us an assignment to find a news article relevant to our blogs subject. We are supposed to get reactions of the news piece and localize it.

In Austin, Texas a music festival took place, namely South by Southwest. Lady gaga performed with giant Doritos logos surrounding her. According to the article all the stage areas were covered with corporate logos, which create a conflict of interest between the performers and the sponsors. The musicians try to preach individual thought and action while the companies sponsoring the event feel the opposite. Many examples were given of how such incidents have occurred.{%222%22%3A%22RI%3A13%22}

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After interviewing two students on the matter, I have gained some insight as to what some students at AUBG think. The first was Natalia Shirshova. She thinks that having ads is necessary, because otherwise it would be impossible for less popular bands to promote themselves. Natalia thinks that if you are there to enjoy the music and the evening a couple of ads shouldn’t matter. My second interview was with Geri Tugu. He agreed with Natalia’s view about it being necessary. Geri is fine with having ads during concerts as long as it doesn’t interfere with the music. If it interferes with the music, then he says that he will have a problem with it.

As part of the class we also had to make a news package. So here it is:

Getting your rythm

Her name is Aita Romanova. She is 20 years old and hails from Russia. Aita is a junior second semester, and is majoring in JMC, and minoring in INF and is considering a second minor in fine arts.

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When Aita thinks of her childhood she would usually hear Boney M. Her mum would listen to them and now it’s even more popular, because of the retro music’s reemergence in the spotlight.  “I do remember myself trying to listen to my mum’s Beatles CD of the white album. I didn’t get anything out of it. I got confused by the song “why don’t we do it on the road”. I was too young to comprehend it.” Some of the pop songs that are in her head are from then are mostly Russian pop songs,  but nothing specific Aita admits.

Aita started out with the beatles. Then she transitioned in to a weird part of the music world, when her brother started listening to some more alternative stuff. One of her favorite bands in 7th grade was Korol i shut. “They are a Russian band, and are like a folk, punk, rock band. They would use really interesting lyrics which consisted mostly of horror stories, fairy tales and folk tales.”
After this she went through some music stages, the first being System of a Down and the second being Linkin Park. Since then she has been listening to harder music. She can’t really recall the names of the bands, but Maximum the hormone are still on Aita’s toplist of her most favorite bands ever. “I have it as a goal to go to their live concert before I die. “

Aita started playing her first musical instrument at the age of 6. She went to a musical school to play the viola. She played the viola for 3 years. At the same time Aita was going to dance classes. And the two activities started to create time conflicts for her. In the end she chose the dance classes, because the teacher wasn’t picking on her so much there. But Aita shares that she got her first music lessons and learned how to read musical notes there.

“Then during high school we just got that random idea, when everybody was super excited about playing in a rock band. My friends were like: “I’m going to play the guitar and you’re going to play the drums” and I was like: “Ok”. “

From there she went to another music school and found a music teacher who would give her private lessons that would not be included in the school schedule, so the lessons would be after classes. “That’s how I got my rhythm in the beginning. I played jazzy kind of stuff. I played super simple things. I even performed”

The teacher had a children’s jazz band and Aita would perform with them. They had a lot of celebrations and the band played patriotic music. Later on Aita started playing with her close friends and there was a summer school that she went to, where some random local guys started teaching the kids how to play instruments and how to form a band. There she started learning to play the bass guitar. Aita got so into it that she asked her parents to buy her first bass guitar, which she still has now. Their band played at many different concerts, some open air festivals and some anime conventions.

A year ago Aita started a band with her university friend where she actually played bass in a band for the first time.
With her friend Dana they wanted to play some songs that required a ukulele. So when Aita was working in the states she bought herself a ukulele.

Aita’s favorite band is Maximum the hormone and her favorite song is Mr boogie tambourine. “They play the funk, they play the punk. It exemplifies why I like the band so much.” Aita loved to play this song with her band when she was in high school.

“I think a lot of different songs define me as a person throughout my life. My primary goal with music is to have fun with it and that’s why I like the music that I like.”

Genre defied?

Hello readers, this time the word count is a little short, but to compensate I have some video and picture material that will be fun to browse. My victim this week is a good friend of mine, Petar Nedyalkov.

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His name is Petar Nedyalkov and he is from Sofia, Bulgarian. Petar is 20 years old and is a sophomore at AUBG. He plays guitar and is the vice-president in the Rock Jamming Club. During the rest of the time he is a RA (Resident Assistant) in Skaptopara 2.

Petar doesn’t really remember what his first memory of music is, but he knows when he started liking music more. It started with the TV channel MTV. His parents were still students when he was born (they were both 24). His father was an Assistant professor and he had a younger mentality and would play MTV for Petar. He remembers having a CD by the Red Hot Chili Peppers called Californiaction. Since then he says that he has started liking music.

His music tastes at first depended on what he was exposed to, and he gradually found music for himself at a certain point. His father would come around and say “Have you listened to this”. That’s how it started for Petar.  He started reading in English and when he was in 5th grade he started looking for music himself.

At first he was listening to rap music and old school Hip-hop. His favorites at the time were Tupac and New York rappers from the 90s. He wrote rap music for some time, but he never learned how to program music on a computer and that’s one of the reasons he stopped listening to rap music. On the subject Petar said: “Rap music is too limited. What if one day I stop being angry? Rap music is not going to be attractive to me anymore”. That’s why he ended up switching to the guitar, because he considers it to be more versatile as an instrument. “You can express many feelings on the guitar unlike other instruments…like drums. You can play melodies on guitar and actually carry a song.”

His favorite band changes constantly. But at the moment it is a solo artist, John Mayer. John Mayer is a contemporary guitar player and he mixes good song writing with skillful guitar playing. One of Petar’s favorite songs is Vultures, but he admitted that his favorite songs change constantly.

“When you think about it music is not all that different. You have all these Youtube channels that show genre is something that can be defied.”

When playing guitar he usually practices by himself. He admitted that it is very hard for him to find people that like the same type of music that he likes. So he just practices at home and plays for the satisfaction he gets from it. As far as how often he practices, he said that it depends on how much free time he has, but he also said: “There are people that play computer games and if you leave them without any obligations they will play all day. It’s the same for me with the guitar”

At the end of the interview I asked him my favorite question about how music defines the morals of a person, or vice versa. He considers it to be a mix of both, because he doesn’t think that music changed him drastically. He doesn’t think that Rap made him an aggressive thug and rock music didn’t make him want to take drugs. “It depends what is inside of you”

Something different

Hello readers! This post will not be on the usual subject of music, rather it is a class project. This is not the first video I have ever created (I’ve made a couple of AMV’s), but it is the first that I have actually shot and made. It was part of our Multimedia Journalism class. We had to practice the 5-step shooting: hands, face, distance, over the shoulder and random.